Meet Abby + Dave

Husband + Wife, Wedding photographers, Pretty cool Humans

Our journey into wedding photography started three months after we met. We dove right into love, and we dove right into business. Some people said that was crazy, but here we are 15 years later and we don’t regret a damn thing.

We believe that the people in our lives (and yours) are so incredibly important, and that we want to create lasting amazing memories together.

We aim to be the best versions of ourselves, and help those around us achieve whatever they dream for themselves.

We’ll never waste a chance to have a slow dance, drink something delicious, share a meal with a kind soul, or laugh until our bellies hurt.

Photography has been such a gift in our lives to give back to others the begginings of their family legacy, this is something that we take incredibly seriously, while also having the most fun possible while doing it.

Learn a little more about us below, or click the button and let’s do this thing!

Hi, I'm Abby, head of artistic vision and design

Hey! I’m Abby. Dog parent of two, nature lover, and passionate about chocolate, Netflix, and comfy pants.

My fave part of photography is the raw feeling of each moment. From the big-in-your face wildness to the soft, intimate connections, I’m here for it all.

When I’m not shooting weddings, I’m also teaching students a trauma healing framework that I developed. In many ways both my photography and healing work are really about helping people to see how beautiful and loved they are at the end of the day, and that makes my heart happy.

Hey, I'm Dave Head of Client Delight and chief helper.

When I’m not photographing amazing couples, you can normally catch me doing one of three things. Hanging out with Abby and our dogs (Juniper and Bowen), playing whatever video game is my current hyper focus, or spending countless hours prepping and running Dungeons & Dragons games for my friends.

I’m certainly the more nerdy one out of the two of us, but unlike when I was a kid back in the 80s and 90s it turns out being a nerd is cool now, so that’s awesome.

I also am obsessed with perfecting our daily espresso because life is too short for bad coffee (or bad beer or whisky for that matter).

we love to travel

From our first trip together to learn how to SCUBA dive in Belize, to our European honeymoon, we love to get on a plane, or in a car and see new places together.

Our travel photos are a blend of the usual selfies, but also some really truly amazing photo sessions with friends and colleages around the world.

We have also travelled to Bali, Mexico, England, and the USA for weddings, and would love to come along with you on your next trip too!

Our currrent travel bucket list is:
– New Zealand
– Belgium
– Kenya
– Iceland
– Ireland
– Jordan
– Morocco
– Vietnam
– Seriously this list could be all 197 countries long, we’ll go anywhere

And We are completely obsessed with our dogs

Bowen (13) and Juniper (4) are our every day obsession. Dave grew up with dogs, but Abby became an obsessed dog parent after we adopted Bowen over a decade ago. Now they are the most spoiled creatures in the entire world and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Bowen’s favourite things are new stuffed toys, slow walks through nature where he can sniff everything, and being the centre of attention in any social setting.

Juniper loves loooong hikes, quiet nights at home, and salty snacks (seriously, she goes wild for a salted almond).

some of our favourite things

We love connecting with our couples and getting to know more about you all, but we thought fair is fair and you should get to know more about us too!


We spend a lot of our free time in the woods near our home. We love any chance to get into a forest our on a beach.


Abby often says that weratedogs on Instagram is the best thing to happen to the internet. We also like cats, but dogs have a special place in our hearts.


Never a day goes by without us using our home espresso machine. And when we’re on the road the first thing we do is track down the best coffee.


Reading, Netflix, D&D with friends if we’re not on the road, you can find us in sweatpants in the comfort of our own home.


Growing individually and as a couple is something that has become a habit in our home. Books, Courses, Therapy, and Ayahuasca retreats in the jungle are all things that have contributed to us as people and a couple.


Both of our families are split between here in Calgary and elsewhere on the globe, but we love to spend time with both our families whenever we can.


Mexican, BBQ, Vegan food, Thai, or just an amazingly good homemade soup love in our home is shared through good meals. 
If it’s delicious we want it.

Over the years we’ve collected so amazing friendships. 

They’ve become a second family that we have all over the planet.

cool shit we've done

After being together for 15 years, we’ve got up to some pretty cool things. We don’t share these to brag, but give you a little glimpse into who we are so that we can hopefully connect as people, and not just as your photographers.

Here are some dope things we’ve done, in no particular order =)

Abby took Yoga teacher training in India
We built off-grid Earthship homes in Taos, NM
This one time, we got married
We spoke at a photography conference in Hawaii
Abby spent two months living in the Amazon in Peru, volunteering an an Ayahuasca centre
We did goat yoga on the slopes of a volcano!
We've actually spoken at a lot of photo conferences, we love teaching.
We explored caves and waterfalls in Bali
We climbed Northover Ridge and backpacked in the Rockies backcountry