Helen Steve Wedding-996
Helen and Steve had a beautiful rustic wedding on a warm sunny day in the Alberta countryside. They were married in Helen’s family’s church that she grew up right next to and we took photos in front of the old apple by her house. The day was filled with personal touches, hugs, laughs, sweet dance moves and even a smashing of cascarones, or confetti eggs with their wedding party. Needles to say, it was a pretty great day.
Ceremony: St. Charles Parish, Mearns, AB
Ceremony Music: Wild Rose Quartet
Officiant: Fr Stefano Penna
Reception: EPA Blue Meadows, Spruce Grove, AB
Caterer: Culina Family
Flowers: Hole’s Greenhouses
Cake: Mini cupcakes and cookies – Jayme Berry (Those Cakes She Bakes) // Maccarons – Yann Haute Patisserie
Makeup: Aimee Parker
Hair: Stephanie Yutac (Mint Beauty Boutique)
Bride’s Dress: Ines di Santo (Marghera Dress) from Ette Calgary
Groom: Harry Rosen
Helen Steve Wedding-022
Helen Steve Wedding-063
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Helen Steve Wedding-207Helen Steve Wedding-145Helen Steve Wedding-148Helen Steve Wedding-231Helen Steve Wedding-245Helen Steve Wedding-269Helen Steve Wedding-271Helen Steve Wedding-300Helen Steve Wedding-303Helen Steve Wedding-306Helen Steve Wedding-308
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