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Audra and Nick were married on a chilly day in February surrounded by 300 family and friends. Their humour, openness and warmth set the tone for a day filled with loved. They laughed, hugged and danced into the wee hours of the morning. We should warn you that this will be a long post. Turns out narrowing down 16 hours worth of awesomeness? Not our strong suit.
Wedding Coordinator: Jackie Jumaga
Decor and Florist: Golden Acres Garden Centres
Ceremony: St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church
Reception: Hellenic Banquet Hall
Cake: Yann’s Haute Patisserie
Caterer: Franca’s Italian Cafe
Band: DJ Dimitri
Dance Troupe: Niata Dancers
Makeup: Cinnamon Girl – Karen Malcom-Pye
Hair: Jerome’s Salon – Michelle
Officiant: Father Demetrios Rougas
Rentals: Great Events Rentals
Bride’s Dress: Cameo & Cufflinks
Groom’s Suit: Black and Lee Tuxedos
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Audra Nick Wedding-019Audra Nick Wedding-029Audra Nick Wedding-037Audra Nick Wedding-063Audra Nick Wedding-070Audra Nick Wedding-071Audra Nick Wedding-088Audra Nick Wedding-095Audra Nick Wedding-096Audra Nick Wedding-109Audra Nick Wedding-146Audra Nick Wedding-168Audra Nick Wedding-188Audra Nick Wedding-197Audra Nick Wedding-199Audra Nick Wedding-225Audra Nick Wedding-231Audra Nick Wedding-232Audra Nick Wedding-233Audra Nick Wedding-251Audra Nick Wedding-267Audra Nick Wedding-281Audra Nick Wedding-308Audra Nick Wedding-312Audra Nick Wedding-335
Audra Nick Wedding-413Audra Nick Wedding-434Audra Nick Wedding-459Audra Nick Wedding-479Audra Nick Wedding-484Audra Nick Wedding-527Audra Nick Wedding-544Audra Nick Wedding-550Audra Nick Wedding-559Audra Nick Wedding-585
Audra Nick Wedding-581Audra Nick Wedding-611Audra Nick Wedding-618Audra Nick Wedding-651Audra Nick Wedding-661Audra Nick Wedding-672Audra Nick Wedding-702Audra Nick Wedding-720Audra Nick Wedding-739Audra Nick Wedding-740Audra Nick Wedding-743Audra Nick Wedding-761Audra Nick Wedding-765Audra Nick Wedding-767Audra Nick Wedding-778Audra Nick Wedding-779Audra Nick Wedding-790Audra Nick Wedding-797Audra Nick Wedding-813Audra Nick Wedding-816Audra Nick Wedding-826Audra Nick Wedding-846Audra Nick Wedding-852Audra Nick Wedding-875Audra Nick Wedding-898Audra Nick Wedding-928Audra Nick Wedding-966Audra Nick Wedding-974Audra Nick Wedding-976Audra Nick Wedding-981Audra Nick Wedding-983Audra Nick Wedding-993Audra Nick Wedding-1065Audra Nick Wedding-1127

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  1. I need a Greek DJ is there anyway you could help me get into contact with your DJ you had at your wedding. I live in Alberta! My event is on July 18, 2020 in drumheller! Thanks

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